Election Rules

Violation of the rules below may result in the withdrawal of your nomination.

  1. Keep your campaign positive. Focus on your own goals and objectives as President, Vice-President, or Director. Negative campaigning against other candidates, and/or attacks on other candidates, will not be tolerated.
  2. You may email personal contacts and your own class lists about your nomination, but you (and anyone involved in your campaign) may not email students you do not know in some capacity. Student directory information is intended to be used to find individual student information for students you know. Bulk downloading of directory information is prohibited. The use of directory information to generate mailing lists for use by an individual or a student organization is prohibited.
  3. You may post about your campaign on your personal social media accounts. If you are posting in a group, however, your post should be about the election as a whole, encouraging people to look at the information about each candidate as it’s sent out. You can mention your candidacy but your post should ask people to look at all the information and make their own decision.
  4. Campaign posters may be posted on noticeboards throughout campus as usual. They may not be posted anywhere other than noticeboards. Flyers may be distributed to members of your own class, and otherwise may be distributed in person in hallways and other public thoroughfares.
  5. Posters, flyers and websites for your campaign (including social media) must not include Harvard emblems that would suggest endorsement by the administration. Harvard logos on items of clothing are allowed, since these do not suggest endorsement.
  6. Campaign materials – including posters, flyers, website, and any other materials – are to be paid for by the candidate (or their campaign team), and must not cost in excess of $500 in total.
  7. Student clubs may not endorse a specific candidate to their email lists. They are entitled to share information about the HESA election, but they must include equal information about each candidate. Any club found to endorse a specific candidate will be held accountable, and are being notified as such by the Student Clubs & Activities Office.
  8. Should you win the election for your position, you will be contacted by email. You will have 24 hours to accept or decline the position.
  9. Should you run for the position of President or Vice-President and fail to win the election for your position, you will be contacted by email. You will have 24 hours to decide if you would like to run for one of the Director positions and submit appropriate materials if so.